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dragon theatre concert at_the_Last_Inn
Ben, Mike, Catrin and Chris- Dragon Theatre concert Barmouth 2019Playing sax with Liam Dixon & band at the Last Inn, Barmouth 2018
Camac-Ulysse harp
Harp no. 4- the Camac Ulysse
Ben & Chris in St. Tanwg's church, Wales
 Chris Knowles and Catrin O'Neill
Ben & Chris in St. Tanwg's church near Harlech, Wales 2016
 Duo with Catrin O'Neill at Aberdovey
Monncoin ceilidh band  Ben Walker & Chris Knowles - Wimborne Festival
Mooncoin ceilidh band
Ben & Chris at Wimborne Festival 2012
 Walker and Knowles at Bury Met
Ben & Chris with Flook at the Met, Bury 2008Ben & Chris at the Met, Bury 2008
ROAM-original lineup  ROAM- later lineup
ROAM - original lineup: Chris, Colin Rudd, Jayne Coyle (Viola), Rachael Anne Davies
 ROAM- later lineup: Chris, Ben Walker, Rachael, Colin

 Howling at Ravens  Howling at Ravens
Howling at Ravens - Allan Moller, Chris, Ben Walker  1999  Howling at Ravens

Chris 1999 Chris with Ashdown and Flatiron
With harp no. 3, the Ashdown by Pilgrim Harps Ashdown + Flatiron bouzouki
Anthony Griffiths and Chris Knowles
Chris Knowles and Anthony Griffiths
With Anthony Griffiths in pub session Knowles & Griffiths
 The Occasional shower  Hafren
The Occasional Shower: Allan Moller, Jane Ridout, Chris, Mike Lease  HAFREN:  (Occasional Shower + Heather Jones)

Moller and Knowles The Occasioanl Shower-1990 
Moller and Knowles (Chris playing antique Morley clarsach) The 'Occasional Shower' at Pontardawe Festival 1990
Allan Moller Chris Knowles 1989
Allan Moller  1949-2015 R.I.P. Chris 1989 with his first harp, built by Bernard Barnes

Allan passed away in April 2015.

Over many years he established a reputation as one of the most skilful and expert makers & fine-tuners of reeds for the uilleann pipes in the world.
He was also a skilled piper, and I have many fond memories of working with him back in the late '80's and throughout the 90's, as a harp & pipes duo, and also in the bands Hafren and Howling at Ravens.

He was a truly unique character, and will be greatly missed.